• Your Antivirus Software Will not Protect You Against Wi-Fi Threats!

  • Protect Your Privacy and Identity

  • Over 89% of Public Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure

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  • Anonymous

    Unless you are protected, public hotspots allow web browsers and websites, search engines, social networks, Internet service providers (ISPs), the government, and online snoopers to track and record your browsing sessions and private exchanges. Use Hotspot Shield to anonymize and mask your online activities from anywhere in the world.

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  • Ultra-safe surfing with Hotspot Shield`s VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    Hotspot Shield`s proprietary VPN technology encrypts your online sessions. The browser-independent app channels all of your online activities through a private and impenetrable VPN tunnel. This keeps all of your personal traffic secure and safe.

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  • More than just anti-virus protection

    Most anti-virus software cannot shield you from Wi-Fi threats. Even with existing anti-virus software the odds are that your clicks are being tracked, archived, and shared. Use Hotspot Shield to protect your digital footprint.

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  • A one-click

    Hotspot Shield is super easy to use and install. Just click the "CONNECT" button and you are immediately connected to our VPN.

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  • “Working at Starbucks? Lock Down Your Data with Hotspot Shield”

    Rick Broida, PCWorld Apr 5, 2012

  • “Hotspot Shield strengthens VPN with anti-malware wall”

    Seth Rosenblatt, CNET Jan 19, 2012

  • “Keeping crooks away as you holiday shop online”

    Bridget Carey, CBS Dec 12, 2011